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shutterstock_76042762All Things New offers a program dedicated to whole-life change for individuals struggling with addiction. Our program consists of three phases, addressing spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, and relational issues. At each stage, residents will receive individual and group counseling from a licensed mental health professional. Additionally, a case worker will provide private consultation to successfully accomplish personal and program goals.

Phase I is committed to assisting our residents experience physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual restoration from their addiction. Residents begin to establish stability and create the foundation for a new lifestyle.

Phase II continues to build on the resident’s new perspective and concentrates on establishing practical life skills needed to move forward in their recovery, covering topics ranging from finances to family dynamics. As residents move outwards to engage in community life, they maintain personal responsibility and accountability.

Phase III provides a safe way for residents to transition to life outside All Things New. During this stage, further independence is established and employment becomes part each resident’s schedule. Residents receive specified assistance to establish themselves in the community.