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“Overcoming destructive habits by providing a fresh start.”

Do you feel trapped? Does your addiction control every aspect of your life? Has it been the cause of hurt, ruined relationships, empty bank accounts, and illegal or unethical activity? Maybe you want to stop, but it just keeps drawing you in. The more you try to break free, the louder your addiction calls. So you give in to silence the voices that haunt you. Why not? All your friends do it too.

But deep down, do you ever wonder if there is more? If maybe your life could be different? Maybe you could finally be the mom, sister, daughter, or friend you always wanted to be. Maybe you could have inner peace and hope.

We are here to tell you that you can. All things in your life can be new. Your past and your present don’t have to predict your future.

All Things New exists to provide hope, a fresh start, and freedom for women struggling with various addictions by providing a safe environment and life skills necessary to destroy old habits, while fostering dependency on Jesus Christ, who makes all things new.